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Comment on Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech

[__24 January 2017, statement in German by Joachim Endemann
translated by Kirsten Grunau.__]

From my point of view this speech is to be seen against the backdrop of the following quotation which might also clarify that there has been a long tradition having offered and offering the back cloth to such figures, for Donald Trump is merely their continuation, brought to the boil.

And _in this respect_ I do understand all that fuss by the representatives of the German elite, however, not because that fuss were justified, for it simply is not, as these representatives themselves are part of that


tradition, and apparently additionally, still significantly stamped by the Wilhelminism as they have been displaying ever since the end of the Cold War with an ever-increasing  tendency

(__even though enriched by a certain dadaist-surreal component adjusted to the very era__).

(__For further details,
also see my books
unfortunately only available in German.__) Comment on Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech weiterlesen