If Notre-Dame symbolises France, the fire is a call.

Of course, Notre Dame is a symbol. Indeed, it is so symbolic that nobody has to say Notre-Dame de Paris, just saying Notre-Dame is enough

But in particular Notre-Dame is not an exclusively Christian symbol, but rather one of manifold faith which the ornamentation, the entire architectural style and above all the name of the style itself underline in an impressive way:

« l’art gothique → l’argot → la langue des oiseaux ».

Who would object to this symbol
shining again in beauty?

What does this have to do
with the demands of the Gilets Jaunes

to build up an
equitable society?

Yes, these flames are also a symbol

— provided Notre-Dame is the
symbol of France:

Has neoliberalism not already done enough
damage to this beautiful country with its
politically mature people?

And does only France lose its
culture and beauty?

Doesn’t this apply to all
countries and peoples?


neoliberalism does not even make
those who benefit most from it

Doesn’t neo-liberalism transform
people into puny characters?

By rebuilding Notre Dame,
we are also working to build
a just society.

« toutes et tous ensemble ! »


among other things,

we need to properly tax the
big corporations and the rich,

which they will certainly understand,

won’t they?

© Joachim Endemann (__EndemannPublisher__)