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The writer’s personality should be represented in his books.

Joachim Endemann was born in Germany, to be precise, in Muelheim an der Ruhr on the late 26 October 1953.

It already started in the early school days, at first arising from the desire to express his own opinion if something did not seem right — no matter if it was at school or in people’s behaviour towards each other. Then, with increasing awareness, during the time at secondary school (__advanced technical college certificate__), especially the discussions were contributed to articulating the own perspective: The only thing that counted was the better argument. This development continued during the vocational training (__as a qualified window dresser, and as a physiotherapist__) and during his studies (__primarily at Open University: at first 4 terms at the Open University of Hagen [__among other things Social Sciences__], then in the 1980ies 2 terms of Art History with the focus on Iconography, at the University of Santiago de Compostela and, again years later, 4 terms of Etudes germaniques [__including Histoire contemporaine allemande__] at the Open University of the ‚Mirail‘ in Toulouse, respectively since 1994 with him often spending several months a year in his house in the Pyrenees.

Among other things these studies were accompanied by translations which intensified his understanding of ranges of topics and their more or less well-done lighting up in the respective written outlines. For, as we all know, “History” is one thing, “Historiography” is another. That means history and historiography are two different pairs of shoes.

A major feature of his personality is that “climbing up the career ladder” has never been an issue to the author, but his focus has always been to get a better understanding of other people and himself as well: Gnothi sauton (“Know thyself”) once was to be read — and for a good reason — at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi — in order to finally get to what

_Anthropos can_

mean, which, however, also involves knowledge about the conditions that are part of the prerequisites so that the potential inherent in any human being can actually develop.

And it is herein that the approach to understand his books published in the

edition !_think out-of-the-box_!

by EndemannPublisher lies.

(__Overview of works__)

With best regards, Joachim Endemann