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Below you will find some remarks regarding the intention and
the purpose of “” as the blog-site of EndemannVerlag _ EndemannPublisher and
some details on its operator, Joachim Endemann:

The intention and purpose of “” is to publish statements which are far from fuss or quibble, and generally meant to clarify issues

(__keep in mind, the motto of “” is as follows:

Freedom is [self-]deception without enlightenment__)

, whose knowledge is vital for the better understanding of the underlying effective forces which, in turn are precondition to realise the connection between these forces and the issues dealt here with as well as the connection between the current state

(__that is the complete political confusion due to serving opposing single interests and, correspondingly, the attempt to broaden the impact of the power elite of the nation-state beyond the territorial limits in an imperialist manner.__)

and the way of the intended creation of these issues (respectively due to the establishment of the neoliberal doctrine).

It is such a clarification that makes it possible to estimate what the societies of mankind organised in national states really are like and, on the other hand, which tendencies for development could result from that with a certain probability.

After all that even the current societal processes are not based on a kind of automatism, but causal and primarily on the interests of those societal groups, that, due to their power, can have the biggest impact on the societal development – for a society is always developed in their sense and operates accordingly:

That means if the people are organised and function accordingly within the framework of a society — and therefore in the sense of those dominant societal groups, which therefore can be called power elites.

However, this process is not a natural process, but one that is sparked by people — and therefore it is generally changeable. Exactly this is the reason why there is sooner or later always the question of power.

Archive of Statements:

But a power elite does not only claim the organisation and function frame of its society, but it always has an impact on the current societal development tendencies — and it has to do that if it wants to stay a lasting „power elite“.

That means if societal processes do not develop according to these power groups, they will try to have an impact on that, so that such a development can be „turned“ at the earliest possible stage, so that no situation arises that, in terms of those groups could only be controlled with a lot of effort or not at all — and a pre-revolutionary development would become possible.

For this reason it is, from the perspective of the power elite, essential, that it in the end determines the way of thinking, which again results from the way of organising and the resulting functioning of a society.

The corresponding impact on the thinking (thus the behaviour) takes place on different levels, such as:

The scientific level:

This level creates the ideological equipment for the justification and rationale for the organising and functioning of the established societal system. That means on this level, for instance, priorities are set — which discipline is treated and taught in which way and then, especially supported and so on.

The political level:

This is the level of the practical implementation of the ideology of the society: laws and regulations as well as direct impact on the people through political parties, foundations and other organisations

(__for example so-called non-governmental organisations, „NGO“s, that, nevertheless can be active on behalf of an ideological order__)

, who see themselves as state-supportive in the sense of the corresponding power groups.

The medial level:

This level involves the press, radio, TV and the Internet. Ever since their information and communication channels did not work in an analogue way anymore but on an electronic basis (which is the case for the Internet per se) these media have become more and more cross-linked which has made it possible to produce, to convey and to receive contents at the same time. Due to this specific way of networking, this media complex is called „multimedia“.

It should be obvious, that such a way of networking information and communication carriers opens up for unlimited possibilities for manipulation, to influence the people of a society in the sense of the corresponding power groups — if desired.

(__Keep in mind the media campaigns respectively those talk-shows whose purpose is actually to obscure factual relations all the way to deliberate misinformation – rather than to inform about what is really going on.__)

The, in a broader sense, intelligent level:

A synonym for this is the NSA, which thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations have moved into the focus of the public attention — even if apparently the political side tends not to contribute too much to its confirming revelation (due to the relations mentioned above), for it is by far not only the NSA that serves the surveillance of the own and foreign populations. Nobody should have any illusions about that.

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These authors will – at random intervals – to their likings bring in their contributions or they will _ without being asked_ feel free to comment on the articles of others (signed with their abbreviation), for his freedom does come from their belonging to the

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