It is the so-called German democrats and so-called left politicians who determine what is democratic and right in Europe, isn’t it?

When on 5 July 2015 the Greek referendum resulted not only in the majority of the Greek population voting against the continuation of the austerity politics initiated by the EU, especially by the German commanding staff but particularly revealed that 80 % of the young Greek

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did so, however, these facts were nowhere near to being mentioned as a topic with the great democrats and so-called left German politicians.

Is there anything left to be said as far as these politicians, the writing staff of the media-concerns as well as the intellectuals, who had found any justification when it came to defending Mr Tzipras’ subsequent behaviour and who now even want to offer German citizenship (and I am not pulling your leg) to young British people-as being suggested by Mr Gabriel

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, are concerned?

This is just another argument for the following:

«Ohne einen Deuxit / Germxit hat die EU keine Überlebenschance mehr»

(the English version of this article).

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