All goes well … for „our“ elites, doesn’t it?

In Turkey the rest of democratic understanding dissolves into air, and,

for example

, the old stalinist thinker,

and if there had not been an unexpected event at the end of the 90s, she would have made her career in the stalinist state of the other German „democratic“ state and not in the so-called parliamentary democracy, which has to be to her a „marktkonforme Demokratie“, that means a so-called democracy that is in line with the market and not the market in line with the democracy

, that means the person who heard some time ago about the term „austerity“ and since then keeps saying that this term seems to her a nice one …

Yes, exactly this ever lasting German chancellor who the polls tell about that she is so popular in Germany, which is only possible because of the misinformed German people, caused by the so-called journalists of the German media concerns

– well this person said that she was,

of course

, on the side of the „democracy“ regarding the so-called coup in Turkey, that means that she was on the side of Mr Erdogan.

Yes, all goes really very well, some further self-induced acts of terror and the peoples of the so-called western democracies will also be ready to accept more dictatorial „leadership“ of the political satellites of the power elites for whom the world is like a backyard for their power games.

One of the Facebook users remarked to this statement: „Wait – are you comparing Merkel to Erdogan?“ (look here), thus provoking my following response:

Sorry, but this seems to me a strange remark disguised as a question which raises in me the question: why such a remark on a quite clear statement? But instead of going on interpreing in a naked speculative manner, I prefer to ask you in which part of my statement you did detect anything that justifies your remark disguised as a question?

Listen, unlike the so-called bourgeois intellectuels who, for my understanding, traditionally flop at the crucial moment, the search for enlightenment (that means clarification) of what is politically really going on to me is the (first) prerequiste to detect sufficiently the real reasons for what is called politics of the day, that means to detect the tendencies underlying these politics.

Objectively seen, this search is the topic of my book „Es werde mehr Licht! Mehr Demokratie wagen in der Lobbykratie? Untersuchung ueber die Konsequenzen der buergerlichen Real-Demokratie“ which is prospected to be translated into proper English (some glimpses you will find here.)

As an example may be mentioned the titel of the 13th chapter:

„Die Welt als Hinterhof der Machteliten oder Der Nationalstaat als grundlegendes Problem fuer Frieden“ (vol.2, pp227-75; meaning in English: „The world as the ‚backyard‘ of the power elites or The national state as a fundamental problem for peace“)

and the 18th chapter:

„Eine kurze Beschäftigung mit der Frage nach der neoliberalen Strategie des ‘Westens‘ und der Funktion seiner Medien bei der Vermittlung dieser Strategie.“ (loc. cit., pp432-69; meaning in English: „Brief critique redarding the neoliberal strategy of the ‘Western World‘ and the role of its media in conveying this strategy“).

(__If you just take these two titels alone and compare them to what is politically going on, you will maybe realise what the peoples will expect in the nearer future from the power elites and their political, journalistic and „scientific“ satellites — as shown in the last century of our doubtful calendar

_f o r_

the thinking is the same only the circumstances are changing which means:

These elites would not have a problem to hustle the peoples against each other again if necessary from their perspective: „Bevor wir die Macht teilen, hetzen wir eher die Voelker aufeinander.“ (Cf. loc. cit, vol.2, p330; meaning: „Before we share power, we preferably hustle the peoples against each other.“__)

As just expressed above the topic of that coverage is obliged to that what was once called Sophia and is consequentely well-researched, that is in contrast to the interested-driven investigations of the bourgeois intellectuals who obviously prefer to think in a preconceived and unpretentious, even lowbrow manner.

Yours faithfully, Joachim Endemann

© Joachim Endemann