Annotation to an article on “RP-Online” of 25 August 2016:

Tanzprojekt vereinigt ganz unterschiedliche Menschen

(__meaning roughly “Project Dance unites all kinds of people,
however different they may be”__)

The article as such is a good one, it is just the creation of the term ”deprived area”, used in a knee-jerk manner, and, as usual misleading for it should be called “symptom area” as a result of the wrong politics applied. It is the wrong politics that will always thwart those per se good efforts of such projects.

Besides — what about a choreographer making this a project? The result might well be that the peoples simply dance away the politicians and the  elites causing this _ _ _if the project was designed

_p r o p e r l y_

spirally . . .

Yours faithfully, Joachim Endemann

© Joachim Endemann


Yours faithfully, Joachim Endemann