The missing link of human freedom in the present society

A mass society easily falls for the charm of the illusion by collective suggestion and illusions collectively created:

An own opinion can only be formed in any single individual on condition that there is protection against suggestion and propaganda as well as protection against manipulation through deception especially as freedom is essential for intelligence.

As a result, and just as an example, any media or party has to be deprived of its opportunities for comments with audience appeal if their representatives avail themselves of these means as not only the borders of the „free expression“ are trespassed but the freedom of opinion of the members of a society are infringed — thus the freedom to form: your _own_ opinion.

[__Cf. Simone Weil, Enracinement Prélude à une déclaration des de-voirs envers l’être humain, Librairie Gallimard, Paris, 1949, pages 29 ff. _ This excerpt has been adapted in its translation to the current conditions by the author.__]

Just as

„dehumanisation is not spiritulisation yet“

as Walter Serner (1889-1942) stated,


use of freedom of opinion is the exact opposite of


freedom, as this is compatible with a lobbycracy but not at all with a democracy.

That means from the point of view of enlightenment, freedom of opinion and democracy, [they] commit something reprehensible: they poison and dull people’s minds and endanger them. Well, according to the Basic Law this would not be allowed, if it still were in force.

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Source: Zwischenrufe in satirisch-politischen Variationen oder Reale Betrachtungen dadaistisch-surrealer Phänomene in der Lobbykratie, page 164.

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