« Let us accept our own responsibilty for the future. »

Nicely worded, isn’t it?

By all means,

but it is on the same level as Kantian theorisations.

Of course, the substance of the quotation in itself is true, but the true substance of a quotation is not enough


first of all you need

  • real democracy

(__not a surficial one__)

to put the meaning of the quotation into practice.


this requires

  • enlightenment of the people and

that again requires a

  • substantive basis,
  • education and
  • real chances for societal participation for all and everybody


  • an economy in line with such a society


  • fair, just, unbiased rules

connected with a

  • fair, just, unbiased system of justice


  • transparency on all political levels


last but not least

  • media whose task is to really inform the people.

Under these requirements a real personality can develop and,


each every one of us has both the chance and the responsibility to live and behave well in the present which


will result in a bright future.

Otherwise this fine quotation is nothing but smoke and mirrors …

Therefore, by all means, read …

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