Statement on the decision by the British people to leave the EU

On 23 June 2016 the British people opted for leaving the European Union.

(__According to those neoliberal people responsible, Europe now has to “stand together”. — Thus Europe only includes those states and their populations that act in accordance with the specifications of the neoliberal ideology.__) 

What would a “remain” have meant?

Well, it would have meant: keep going in the neoliberal way.

What does “leave” mean?

Well, it means keep going in the neoliberal way on a national level

— enriched by a “nationalist nation-state component.”

Neither way changes anything with the wrong, practical implementation of the neoliberal ideology, or rather “the leave”-movement could only arise because of the neoliberal doctrine:

it is the attempt to continue the neoliberal project on a national-state level

— should it fail on the EU-level.

That means “remainists” and “leavists” do not differ in the sense of the neoliberal doctrine.


_t h o s e_

who do believe that with the so-called left parties, or those who claim to be progressive

(__On which base?
Well, on the base of
the neoliberal specification
that keeps characterizing
their thinking and political doings
— enriched by a
“social nation-state component”.

and their representatives

in the crucial moment
, stand at order arms
if it is about rescuing this ideology

_t h o s e_

who do believe that with these people you could, just like that, create a real democratic Europe — those are political illusionists and raise hopes with people that, if they voted in future elections

(__I personally do not call the times
prior to elections campaigns

_b u t_

c r a m p_aigns__)

for these left-winged bally-hoo parties and their representatives, for once they are voted for, they will only go for a slight or slightly more left turn always in the direction of the neoliberal ideology — and then they would have absolutely no problems in literally beating down any arising protest asking for real democratisation

— as it is currently being executed with the political sham package in Greece and which can now be expected from the so-called French socialists, not to mention such a sham package in Spain or the so called sister parties in Germany, as it is explained in an eye-opening manner in:

Es werde mehr Licht! Mehr Demokratie wagen in der Lobbykratie? Untersuchung über die Konsequenzen der bürgerlichen Real-Demokratie.

(Mind you, the English version is yet to be published.)

(__In the German version please cf. loc. cit. volume 2, pp.470, and volume 3, pp.630.

The common shibboleth:

Daring more democracy and what to think of that is dealt with in chapter 6, volume 1.__)

Further information

(solely in German at present)

regarding this book and the intentions for writing it can be found here and here. (You can order this book here.)

(__And maybe,
the content of this book will help you
in  assessing better the election cramp_aign slogans
in future election cramp_aigns.__)

© Joachim Endemann (translated by Kirsten Grunau)