If you don’t know what you are talking about, just shut up, Mr Schäuble, and the like, for instance Mr Gauck!

It was within the scope of the Panama Papers affair that in April 2016 an English journalist confronted the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr Osbourne with the repeatedly raised question of what he had to do with so-called offshore activities until the non-respondent broke off the television interview. That would be unthinkable in Germany and shows the wretchedness of the intellectual level in Germany. But this way, at the same time a German Chancellor of Exchequer could pretend that he had virtually no knowledge whatsoever of this affair, thus involving that everything was at best back home in Germany:

while Panama ranks 13 of the countries where dirty money transactions are made, Germany ranks 8.

(__See the “Financial Secrecy Index 2015”.__)

A p p a r e n t l y

, the German commanding staff do not know anything about the things they do have the responsibility for — do they?

And what about the responsibility of the German intellectuals? To me, it is quite obvious that they support the commanding staff — so they are uncritical unconscious unauthentic intellectuals.

The bottom line is:

Before the lawyer Mr Schäuble pretending to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself has no idea of the economy as a whole

his utterances give plenty of evidence

advises people in other countries how to vote in a referendum “correctly”, he should have a good look in the mirror, for there he will see the face of a hypocrite who is about to give the best arguments to those making up their minds to leave a EU that is essentially determined by so-called “German-speaking politicians”

referring to a Mr Kauder who said “Europe speaks German” but all their talking is a kind of double-Dutch (__which in German is “Kauderwelsch”__)

but in fact this EU is mainly implementing and executing politics damaging the majority of the Europeans

(__of course, including the majority of the Germans themselves__)

— apart from being dogmatically narrow-minded.

© Joachim Endemann