Stephen Fry’s line of reasoning regarding the greatest abstract figure of human thoughts …

Stephen Fry’s argumentation in the video will never convince monotheists for their ideology is so “spacious” that any queer thought is able to rush through and so they will believe, in that moment when the earth will come to its end (and only the point in time is uncertain), it was an act of their imagined spiritual figure – whereas actually it will be a certain result of a certain point in the movement of the everlasting pulsing Materia.

So the question is: Is it not high time for humane ethics – binding for all, while belief has to remain a private matter? And what could express what “humane ethics” means? Well, in short: to live in the originality of a person’s own, to think in the originality of a person’s own, to behave in the originality of a person’s own – provided such a person does not demand this from the environment (including the own children for they should develop their own originality of being a human being – as far fully developed as possible).

Yours faithfully, Joachim Endemann

© Joachim Endemann