How the dreadful term “refugee politics” potentially gets its true meaning

In the light of the article mentioned below, maybe it is about time to look at the generosity towards the masses of people leaving their homes in Syria shown from the German side.

Well, if you know about the attempts by the representatives of German power policies ever since the end of the Cold War to bring themselves back in position

(__starting with rushing ahead on the Balkan by recognising Slovenia officially thus creating facts, whereas the first task then should have been to create a federal order, which would absolutely have been feasible, after all since the first part of the Great War the nationalities question had been unsolved, whereas today there is an area with mafia-state Kosovo and the other states merely being pawns in the hands of the not least German power elite and their satellites__)

, then is left of the so-called “Willkommenskultur”.

(__This “Willkommenskultur” which was understood and meant by thousands of people in Germany in its best sense, nobody questions that, but, on the contrary that is meant that way by the German decision-makers and their think-tanks.__)

And would in this context the terrible word „refugee policies“ get its very meaning?

And so it becomes more and more obvious which dangerous direction German politics is taking, for not even the societies in the national states in Europe are in a state, that would allow for the German politics to take a constructive new start within the scope of the EMU, let alone within the scope of the EU — nationalist emotions have been nurtured too much already:

Above all, both through the demands by the German side

(__such as transferring the German model

[__which is objectively seen not
transferable and unbearable for others__]

according to the motto: „Europe speaks German, don’t they?“__)

, as well as the demeanour shown and the utterances made to Greece, Belgium, or even France and Great Britain.

So, it is about time to read the following article while thinking out-of-the-box:

Regulatory Forces”.

Yours faithfully, Joachim Endemann

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