Condition for a working monetary union

[__This statement was first published
in German on 23 February 2017.__]

One of the two essential conditions for a monetary union properly working is the alignment on the Golden Rule of Wages.

(__See the detailed explanation in: Es werde mehr Licht! Mehr Demokratie wagen in der Lobbykratie? Untersuchung über die Konsequenzen der bürgerlichen Real-Demokratie, pages 214-18, footnote 177.__)

For this reason the regular ballyhoo-rituals between employers and unions not only can but have to be refrained from. As this way _all_ parties involved _indeed_ are helped, we can see what mess the policies asked for by Europe’s German hegemon produces.

Whoever claims that this be an interference into the in Germany called „tariff autonomy“, is mistaken, for this is the abolishment of a means that has become useless in crucially contributing to general societal prosperity.

Why is that so?

Well, in Germany, on the one hand because in the 90ies of the last century (__of our questionable calendar__) a so-called „social partnership“ between employers and the unions was introduced

(__connected with a „pact for employment“__)

, which additionally obscured the role of the trade union leadership that had already been dubious before so that the wage-dependent employees could not be conspicuous about the direct affinity of the union leadership to the employers.

[__This shortened text is part of the next publication as volume 6 of our edition !_think out-of-the-box_! — coming soon as an e-book.__]

© Joachim Endemann (__EndemannVerlag; translated by Kirsten Grunau__)