The Europe of the neo-Wilhelminist Hegemon and its Future

[__This statement was first published
in German on 17 February 2017.__]

The following is about a finding and not about a vision of a process that might occur.

Europe’s German hegemon presents itself and has the writing staff of its private propaganda concerns present this hegemon as a guarantor for democracy and freedom. This presentation corresponds to the US-American understanding of freedom and democracy that was valid until the end of the Obama administration in January 2017.

(__What to think about this kind of „democracy“ and „freedom“, that is who this is meant for primarily and which also clarifies what mass media are able to do, respectively shaping opinions and selling a stage-managed picture as reality to the mass of people

[__because for many people things in the USA seem to have started going wrong ever since Donald Trump is in office__]

can be read here.__)

But the fact that this hegemon could solely take a part of the role that the USA has always been taking, that means aggressively representing the own political interests

(__which is in the nature of any hegemon__)

but could never take that part that has always been characterising the American idea of freedom, namely leaving its trade partners their export opportunities for their economy, well, even offering them the own American market as a sales opportunity

(__which is, by the way, exactly what makes such a hegemon a „locomotive“ for the world trade__)

, this fact would not come to a German hegemon’s mind at all, as this hegemon would do anything to expand their own export opportunities

(__as can be seen in their behaviour__)

— and they do that from their situation of export excess and from an attitude that I call neo_Wilhelminist.

This inevitably means an economic expansion

(__shaped by an ideology__)

at the expense of others — preferably of those this hegemon is in a common monetary union with.

However, this development is only possible under the guise of a monetary union, for the following reasons:


[__This shortened text is part of volume 7 of our edition !_think out-of-the-box_!
— its publication is scheduled for the end of 2018.

© Joachim Endemann (__EndemannVerlag; translated by Kirsten Grunau__)